Royal Open University


Royal Open University is the first fully Online Higher Education of Learning in Uganda. ROU is dedicated to opening access to higher education to everyone more importantly to those who are unprivileged. The institution is modeled to facilitate the Sustainable Development Goal 4; to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. We believe that education is a fundamental human right and is indispensible for achievement of real development in our communities. We are dedicated to offering quality World class Education to those who can’t afford it by sourcing online courses from the best world universities and online institutions.

About Royal Open University

Royal Open University is currently operating a Credit Accumulation Program (CAP). In this Program, a student is offered several modules that eventually accumulate credits into certificates, diplomas and degrees.

How We Operate

We believe that Education is a basic human right. Education is widely accepted as a leading instrument for promoting economic growth and offering people a better life. That’s why we have created an Higher institution which is affordable for all

Collaborations and Partnerships

We have courses from international top universities including; Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, Open University of USA and United Kingdom,  etc. We are also partnering with Open Universities in Africa such as National Open University of Nigeria and Open University of Tanzania. 

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